Sunday, March 28, 2010

New New New

B. Prim

First of all I would like to apologize for not posting in a long long time.  I have not been inspired to come up anything good but hopefully things will change.  I have kept up with a lot of your blogs and they have helped me.  Thanks for that. 

I have changed the name of my blog because ever since day one, when I was just learning this blog world, I did not do my research and find out if there were other names like the one I picked.  I was inspired by a pillow I had that had Bittersweet Primitives on it.  I even typed the name of my blogspot incorrectly and it took.  It has bothered me ever since.  So, after all this time I came up with a shortened version and came up with B. Prim.  Now as many of you know it is a chore to change everything and start again, so I am just going to shorten the name and leave it at that.

I have been kinda busy with work everyday (UGH)…when is retirement going to get here? Sooner I hope.   I have been cross stitching some and that has been very relaxing. I did a couple of  pin keeps from Primitives by Betty’s freebies and I thank her for sharing her work with everyone.  Here are a couple that I did for Valentine’s Day. (I need to send her these photos for her Friday’s Finishes…quite late).

Blog8008 Blog8001

I also found a great cross stitch shop in Salisbury, NC called Spring Robin.  Robin was so helpful that day I went there and she even taught be about 1 over 2 and gave me a lesson.  Boy, that is not easy without a magnifying glass.  That really makes me feel old (needing a magnifying glass…LOL).

I have also been simplifying things around the house.  Moving furniture,  TVs, getting rid of old chairs, taking clothes to G.W. Speaking of Good Will, the picture below shows the “new” chocolate brown chair and the lamp and shade that I got a GW all in one day.  Lucky that day!

Here are a couple of pics I just took  of things I have moved around. 

blog9 007 

The picture above is where my old TV was (it was huge).  Now I have no TV in the living room. I have made my DH’s TV room into my new TV room with a love seat and some of my crafting stuff.  

blog9 008

This is kind of a divider between my foyer and the living room. It works pretty well for now. 

In the meantime I have taken a trip to Florida with some  friends who wanted to take a long weekend and visit some other friends (Ron and Barbara) who are camping down there for a month.  I was so excited when Roy and Donna asked me to go.  I only hesitated for half a day and told them I was ready to go.  It was great and we had a good time.  Spur of the moment things are good for me right now. 

Another thing that I am excited about is taking a short weekend trip with my daughter to my brother’s home in Georgia this coming weekend. It has been a long time since we have gotten away together.  I know we will have a grand time.  So looking forward to it.

I am also so excited because in about three weeks, my cousin Cathy will be coming to  visit for a week  and we will be poking around in some new places I want to take her to (the new antique mall outside or in Concord, and many more places) .  I can’t wait.  We always have a good time. 

So, with all that being said, I guess I need to post more often, so the postings won’t be so long.  Thanks for hanging in there with me. 

As Always, B. Prim…..Sherie



  1. Hi Sherie...................I think your new blog name is short and sweet and I like it!
    So glad to hear that you are moving forward and have been busy. All of your changes in your home look good.
    Have a good week.

  2. It was so good to see you post again! You sound like you are moving forward and making some changes to suit YOU in this new season of your life. Enjoy all your little trips and adventures!!

  3. So glad you are back to blogland. You have been missed. It is not easy to move on, but you seem to be working at it. Love your stitchin'.

  4. Is the new antique mall close to Concord Mills? Not real familiar with you know the name of the mall?

    Laura :)

  5. Thanks so much for joining my blog. Words can't express the sorrow you feel for the loss of a loved one...just know that you will meet again and that you both are on new chapters in your lives. Seek comfort in knowing you can still talk to him and that he is listening to every word you say. Blessings and lots of hugs,Theresa

  6. Laura, Hey thanks for stopping by. The mall is called Depot at Gibson Mill, 320 McGill Avenue, NW, Concord. I am not familiar with it either having never been there. MapQuest could get you there. That's probably what I will do. If you Google it, you can get more info. Happy hunting.. Sherie

  7. Thanks Sherie! I'll look for it! Have a great day!

    Laura :)