Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What are you looking at......

What are you looking at........ right now I am looking at an orange clove candle burning in front of an old wooden box with a fern and glass jar on my kitchen table. I was just about to take a picture and post it and (ugh) don't you know it my battery in my camera went dead. I will post it the next chance I get.

Sometimes it's good to just stop a minute and see what you are looking at. We get so busy with working, taking care of our families and making things, etc. So it's just fun to stop for a minute, just a minute and look.

So what are you looking at.......

I am so excited about next week. I am on vacation.....yes! My cousin is coming in from Massachusetts on Friday for a week and we will be going to see my brother, SIL and nephew in Georgia. We have so much fun when we are together. It is non stop talking and fun. We go antiquing, prim shopping and just enjoying each other. Can't wait.

I hope to take some pictures and be able to show all our goodies. We usually have "show and tell" when we get back home. We shop and don't show each other what we bought and then when we get home we show our "stuff" and try to guess what we paid for it. Makes the thrill of the search that much more fun. Can't wait to show you!

Well, off to watch American Idol. Yup, it's addictive. That's what I am looking at. What are you looking at????
Soon, Sherie


  1. What am I looking at? I'm looking at a piece of furniture that I moved in the diningroom from the entryway and wondering do I like it there:)
    Sounds like so much fun prim shopping with others that share the same interest:)

  2. Have a wonderful vacation, take lots of pics, and I hope you find lots of prim treasures. I'm looking at the computer & trying to watch Criminal Minds and thinking about what I'll be making tomorrow. Yeah, I know, too much going on in my pea brain, LOL.

  3. Can't wait to see pictures! Enjoy your vacation and shopping!
    What am I looking at????
    I am looking at the swan I finished up, trying to decide if I want to drag out the camera and post it tonight or wait until tomorrow....


  4. I was looking at your blog so I stopped and focused on something in this room because it is filled with treasures from family and friends and my teaching career. I have an old oil lamp on my desk and it was my nany's so it means a lot to me.

    Have a great trip and get lots of pics!

  5. Hi Sherie! Nice to 'meet' ya!
    Welcome to blogland!
    I'm looking at Toby Keith in Broken Bridges for the 6th time. Nothing else on TV tonight.
    Have a great trip!