Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Oh My!!!

It has been a long time since I last posted. I believe I was going on vacation with my cousin the last time I was on here. Well, she came to North Carolina and we hit the road running. Just after she arrived we stopped at our first antique mall right near the airport. I did find treasures there. I have been looking for a printer's box for a while but I wanted a smaller one. Well, I found three small ones and they are the cutest. I already had a few tiny items go in them. Here's a quick peak of two of them. They are so cute. I have them on my window sill above my sink in the kitchen.

Anyway, off we went to another antique mall on the way home. Nothing there this time. We also started our journey Saturday morning to my brother's in Georgia. On the way we stopped at three more antique malls and then to my brother's home. We had the best time visiting with them and one night we watched Mama Mia in his home theater. What a blast, popcorn and all. The next day we hit more antique malls and stores. Sunday also. We just can't get enough. My cousin and I were both looking to add to our collections or start a new one. As you can see from my new header, this is one of my new collections. I already had the black plaid sheep and now I have about 12 new little sheep in my collection. You know, once you are focused on an item, they tend to jump out at you and they just have to go home with you. Can we all relate to that? I sure can.

Well, after our visit we were on our way home and just had to stop at the casino in Cherokee. Times flies when you are in there. Six hours later, not totally broke, and having a good time, we decided it was probably time to get on the road home.

The day after we got home, we hit the road again to do the local antique malls, and prim shop in Pilot. Found some good stuff again. The fluffy black sheep and sheep in the upper right hand corner were found on this trip.

The next day we went on to Salem, Virginia to explore all the shops up there. Love to go there. I got these two items up there, mostly because I like the color of them.

The next day we went to the local Winston shops along with Barbara, a longtime friend of mine, and then we all went out to lunch at Olive Garden. What a treat.

All in all, I think we visited about 23 antique shops and prim shops. Now that is shopping til you drop. But oh what fun. Love it.

I have more pictures that I will get together and post of some of the other treasures I acquired.

Right now it is snowing here at the base of Pilot Mountain. Everything is so white and pretty. It's just our little bit of winter. We get so excited with snow as we don't get very much any more, unlike our friends in the north. My hubby just woke up from a nap and saw the snow and his comment was WOW! It doesn't take too much for us to get excited LOL!!

Well enough for now. I hope to get more pictures together soon.

Soon, Sherie


  1. Wow! What a fabulous trip! And what wonderful treasures! I love the little printers boxes. And sheep are one of my favorites too!

  2. Welcome back. What a blast you must have had ~ a prim lover's dream. I love the printer's boxes and your new collection of sheep. Looking forward to more pictures.

  3. Thanks ladies for the comments. I really appreciate it. Shari, can't wait to go to Greensboro to see the Hand Maidens' spot. Looking forward to it.

  4. Hello Sherie,
    This is Tim from Brickhouse Craft Shop. Good to hear from you. I will probably do my next major Posting to Porch Sitting Time sometime next weekend. I'll talk a bit more about Yankee magazine then - and western Massachusetts will be part of the story.

    Take care,