Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're Almost There!!!

Just one more week and we will be there...... In my last post, last Saturday, I mentioned that we were going to our camper to get it ready for the season. So here's the story.

Several years ago our dear friends, Barb and Ron, got us interested in camping. We bought our first camper and off we went. Our camping group grew and before we knew it there were ten of us in the group. We would make plans for trips over time like Charleston, SC, St. Augustine, Florida, Smith Mountain Lake, VA, Gettysburg, PA, and then short trips here and there. A couple of years ago three couples made a big trip to South Dakota. Wow, that was a trip. It so such a big trip for us we decided to purchase a bigger camper.

Our first camper was good (but being our first try at it, we probably should have thought about it a bit more.... we just jumped in to get a camper). So anyway, we traded that camper in and got a rear lounge travel trailer. Of course in order to pull this 29 foot monstrosity we had to have ab bigger truck to pull it. You know how that goes. Anyway back to the story..

So the trip to South Dakota was awesome. Just a few things we saw was the arch in St. Louis, the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD; Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore in SD. Just a wonderful trip. In South Dakota we met a great couple, Sam and Judy from Virginia. Small world.

Next week we will get to see Sam and Judy on our little getaway weekend. Yippee, haven't seen them for a while.

For some health reasons, we are just not able to get out and travel like we did. Our friends, Ron and Barb are retired and have decided to do a work program at a campground in Virginia. There was a spot open near them for a permanent spot year round and they asked us if we would be interested in setting our camper up. Well, needless to say, we were really interested and went up to check it out. Naturally we jumped at the chance. Everything worked out and we were able to bring our camper up to the campground last November. Unfortunately the campground closes for the winter the Monday before Thanksgiving so we were only able to go there a couple of weekends before it closed.

Fast forward to last Saturday. It is SPRING!!!! The campground opens the first of March for the season and we are able to get there. The only problem was that it is still cold there and the water cannot be turned on until it warms up for a few days. We wanted to get things ready for the weekend of April 2,3,4 when our group will come together again, even Sam and Judy. Hoorah......(sp?)

So here a few pictures to see our new adventure......the kitchen area,

The rear lounge, love the comfy chairs..... check out the prim flowers on the table.

I am trying to prim up a camper? Can it be done? Check out the star. I have a plan for it, stay tuned.

I am getting there slow but surely....Here is the before picture of the camper at the site. Stay tuned, our great friends are going to help us jazz this site up. Wait til you see what we do......Once the weather cooperates. Prim and all. Thank you for staying with me on the journey. Come back soon to see the rest. Soon, Sherie


  1. Sounds like you are going to have some relaxing times! I grew up camping. We camped 6 weeks cross country pulling a pop up trailer. My parents were saints - there were 4 of us kids!

    Enjoy your spring opening!

  2. Sherie - My husband, son and I try to go camping a couple times a year and love it, but unfortunately we don't have a camper. Yep, we rough it up in a tent. Luckily, our tent is a good size, but still would love to have my own camper.

    Your camper is so nice and I can't wait to see what you do. I bet you could find some cute pillows to accent with that would prim things up a bit and you could even add some cute prim pretties, but heck it is camping and I wouldn't care. It is just a nice great escape for you. enjoy your time my friend.


  3. Oh you are going to be living my husbands dream. And how fortunate to be able to find a place near friends to set up permenantly.
    I'm green with envy but happy for you!
    Way to the fun begins.
    Hugs, Karen

  4. Sounds like a great time. I wish I had a camper because then I could live in it. :)

    I can't wait to see more pictures. You prim it up and I LOVE the star.


  5. Love the star and I'll be checking back to see what you will do with it:) Have a wonderful time this spring/summer camping!

    I also grew up camping, no camper just tent and a station wagon:)