Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am so good at this. Today is the day that I have to do taxes and I am procrastinating AGAIN! Does anyone else do this? I have been putting off doing taxes as it is going to be a big job again this year. I was all set to get started early and then BAM -- first I had to get my coffee, and while I was doing that I thought I would sit down at the laptop and check my blog --- then I got to reading all the wonderful blogs and's time to take a BR break..... oh, then it must be time for a second cup of coffee and some scrambled eggs. I told you I was good at this. Well, then I thought I would show my GW finds from this week (I think I got lucky). So, have I stalled enough yet?. I am thinking if I get my taxes down early (ya, right) I can go shopping at the prim shop in Pilot Mountain as a treat for getting them done. So here goes... Here are a few pics I wanted to share...and then I WILL GO DO MY TAXES (as long as I don't turn the TV on....LOL).

I got this lamp for $5.00. I can see it painted "black" as usual and then sanded a little. Finding the right lampshade might be a task. The green box ($4.00) I thought would be great with some pansies in it and on the picnic table at the camp site. Couldn't pass it up. The box in the background was not from GW (I just used it as a backdrop).

This a just a little something I have on my dining room table. Just took a picture while I was taking the other one of the GW finds.

This is just a before picture of a rocking chair that will be redone and set to go to the camp. Stay tuned.
OK, OK, I am going now. Wish me luck.
Soon, Sherie


  1. HI Sherie!

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON GETTING YOUR TAXES DONE! I should be doing it right now myself...UGH!! Tomorrow!!! I must get them done tomorrow!
    We are in the same boat!! LOL!

  2. Great finds at the GW. Was there myself today! Those dreaded taxes...that's why I let DH worry about those! And LOVE that old box that the flowers are in! ~~Annie

  3. We're the same way with taxes. When you have to pay you tend to wait and wait and wait.... ugh.

  4. Taxes....bout as much fun as going to the dr or dentist, huh? I too like the little box with the flowers in it!

  5. Hi Sherie thanks for stopping in! Oh yes I am a procrastinater, especially since Amelia came into my life. Seems I have no time to do anything and when I do get the time I just want to sit and relax! Thats why my kitchen isn't finished and I have run out of steam! I really need to come back here when I have a lazy day, I love all the prim blogs but just can't get to them all cuz of my hectic life! I got my new Country Sampler in the mail yesterday and haven't even opened it! Yikes!!! I gotta do that tonight! have a great weekend, Sue