Saturday, April 18, 2009

Missing in Action

Yes, I have been missing in action lately and I am sad for that. It has been a really hectic couple of weeks and hopefully I can blog more frequently. I think I will start back at the camper adventure. We have been trying to make plans to build a new deck at the camp site but Mother Nature has not cooperated as I am sure she has not in many parts of the country from some of the blogs I have been reading. So that task has not been completed at all.

Well anyway, the weekend before Easter, we did get to go to the camper on Friday afternoon and got things all set up, food put away and such and then went out to dinner with the whole gang at Goober's, a local restaurant on Mount Airy, (yup the real Mayberry town in North Carolina). Everyone settled in for the night in their campers. Good evening for all. Saturday we awaken to a chilly morning and the ladies wanted to go to the local dress shop. Got a few things there and then went another close shop near by. The plan was to all meet in the clubhouse at 6:00 pm and everyone was to bring hamburgers or hot dogs and a side dish.

Then the story begins. As I have said in an earlier post my hubby is disabled. Well, he was slowing down more and more and having a terrible time breathing, legs swelling, etc. It was at this point, around 5:30 or so I decided it was time to come back down the hill and take him to the emergency room. I took the food to the gang and told them I was taking him to the ER. Well, it took about an hour to get there and they took him in right away (he has had 2 sets of bypasses so anything to do with the heart, they take him right back). Well, long story short, they admitted him of course and he spent 10 days in the hospital and lost 33 pounds in those 10 days. He was full of fluid all over and with IV Lasix and other things he lost most of that fluid. He came home this past Monday looking like a new man. We have to make some serious dietary changes (very little salt) among other things, and walk more, and restrict his fluid intake dramatically. I am just so thankful that nothing more serious happened to him at that time. He's a keeper and I want to keep him around as long as possible. I need to make these changes also! Needless to say it has been a whirlwind time.

On that same Monday that he came home our granddaughter, Chelsea, had her tonsils out. (I was over at that hospital with her in the morning and then off to get hubby from his hospital bed). She is nine and the doctor said she had the tonsils of a 90 year old man; they were really large. She did very well all in all. So on this past Thursday and Friday I watched her at our house overnight. She did pretty well, but still in a lot of pain. Her Mom took her to see the Hannah Montana movie last night which was good for her, to get her mind off the hurting. I kept telling her it will get better soon. It breaks your heart when they are hurting but I know she will be quite all right.

Well, things have started to calm down today and I was able to get a few things done. I actually worked out in the yard today and untied some pear trees that were staked for stability. The ties were cutting into the trees and needed to come off. I cut back some bushes in the front yard, pulled some weeds and feel like I accomplished something. I know this is shocking for me because I am not a garden or yard person.

I was also able to tackle a few "to do's" that have been on the back burner. I spray painted some rocking chairs that are going to the camper as soon as we get back up there (hopefully next weekend). I also tackled the lamp below. You can see the before and after. I got the lampshade at Pilot Mountain Peddlers in Pilot Mountain (this is the shop I used to own). It is funny because I had gotten the shade at the GW for $2.00 back before I sold the shop. I had left it with the inventory at the shop but remembered it was probably still there. When I went to the shop it still was there but LOL I had to pay $4.00 for it. Go figure. But I think it goes well with the lamp. Take a look!


After, I really like it now.
Also, here a couple of pillow sets I made just from some scraps that I think turned out good.

Also, here is just a pic of some of the things I like to collect. YELLOWWARE bowls with white stripes only. I don't know why just these but they certainly do appeal to me. I have 10 or more of them. These are above my cabinets. My pictures did not come out so clear on the other ones but there is greenery up there and lights that really make it cozy.

Well, I hope all this story has not bored you but I wanted to say why I have been missing in action. I will try to come up with things to say more often. Sometimes this is hard for me as I want to say something that someone would like to read. I guess I don't have to have pictures every time but I know I like to see pictures too. I guess I should think of this as a journal of life and hope that someone else would like to read it. I will talk to you again soon....Sherie


  1. I'm glad your hubby is doing ok. I have a sickly one also but you would never know to look at him. I am trying to get him to slow down a bit also. I'd like to keep him a little longer also.

    Love the lamp redo it turned out great!


  2. I hope your DH is feeling better, I don't like when they are sick either!

    Love your lamp and so funny that you had to buy the shade back but it really goes so well with it I don't blame you:)

    The pillows are darling too great job on them.

  3. So glad that hubby is OK!! What a scare that must have been.

    Love the lamp redo! perfect!

    Have a great Sunday, hugs, Linda

  4. Love the lamp redo, funny about the shade. So glad your dh is doing ok. Have a great week.

  5. Goo morning - well I'm so happy your husband is better...what a horrible way to spend your time at the camper/campsite.
    And I'm happy your little granddaughter is good now too. Funny how we have those tonsils that just don't have much of a purpose except to make our little ones misserable!
    Hugs, Karen