Sunday, May 31, 2009

The First Week!

First things first, an update on hubby. Well, we have gotten through the first week of his form of dialysis. He was able to lose quite a bit of fluid and his breathing has improved a good deal. He had the weekend off from it and we have done nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just resting up from the week and getting ready for next week...... Tomorrow starts the intense training to learn to do this at home. I will have to go to the training also all week (minus tomorrow when most of the day is consent forms and such). I thought maybe I would be able to stop in periodically to pick up a few pointers but nope...I have to be there every day, all day with him to learn also. But that's okay. If this lets him breathe better and have a better quality of life, that's the key.
Well, that's what is going on with him. Now for some things I have found and changes in have made to the mantle. I have been trying to go more toward the warm colors and I tried to change it up a bit, as in the topper. I hope it shows up warmer!

I had a little time on Monday, Memorial Day to spend while DH was having his first treatment and I went to local GW and unfortunately it was a bust, kinda bums ya out when you are hoping to find a treasure and don't. Well then I went to the local antique mall in Winston-Salem, Lost in Time Antiques and look what I found. It was the first thing I saw as I walked in the door and knew I had to have it. I know it is not that old but it is so nice. I have not figured out where it is going to go yet but I had to add a few things on it to see how they will work. Tweaking here I come. What do you think?
The next thing I found in the same entry way was this framed flag. I walked around the whole mall and came back to it and had to have it too. When I checked out it was on sale... go figure.... it makes up for the bust at GW. LOL.

This third picture is just some more of the mantle on one side.

This is the other side of the mantle. I know I didn't hide the cord but you get the idea. I took a picture of the whole mantle but it just didn't come out warm and inviting. I don't know if it is my camera or heaven forbid ?ME? but my pictures don't come out like I would like them to. . And getting a new camera for the blog is just not an option right now. It is a digital camera by Kodak (Easy Share) so I guess it could be the picture taker. I will just have to keep trying I guess.
Well, it is time to go make dinner for us and maybe read a book tonight, since there seems to be NOTHING on the TV now that all the "Shows" are over. I hope all have a good Sunday evening and will talk to you soon. Sherie


  1. So glad to hear that DH is feeling better! You have quite a week ahead of you. I hope you both learn it easily and it is not too hard to do.

    I feel the same way about TV tonight - NOTHING is on. There was a time when HGTV always had something but now, it's same old same old. I might need to open a new book too!

    Have a great week! hugs, Linda

  2. Hey Linda, I know what you mean about HGTV. I have taken to watching "Ice Road Truckers." Oh my.....Have a good week too. Sherie

  3. So happy to hear that hubby is doing better. I will keep him in my prayers. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. I will be thinking of you this week. When Ray was on dialysis we chose for him to have hemo dialysis because we had a new born and a 4 year old. It was just easier back then.I will say once they got some fluid off him and he got used to dialysis he did pretty well and actually felt better some days. I hope he continues to do better.


  5. Lisa and Donna, thanks so much for the encouraging words. It is nice to hear about others that have gone through this. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. **Sherie**

  6. Hi Sherie, just checking to make sure you didn't fall into a rabbits hole in blogland!! LOL