Sunday, June 7, 2009


is a good day and all things are quiet on the home front. It sure is nice to relax and have things back to a little normal around here. We have finished the intense training on the dialysis and DH is now home doing this at night on his own with my help. This is something we have to get used to and get in a routine as to timing and all that. But the first two nights have been good so far. Hooray!

Well, I better get going on some home things and get the house in order. Does that make sense? It seems like when your home is in disarray (stuff here and there) that we or I don't seem to have a sense of calm. And lo and behold once things get back in order (even a little bit) , I feel a little bit more peaceful. Does anyone feel that way? Well, here I go....

Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope all your homes are peaceful.
Talk to you soon.....*Sherie*


  1. I'm glad for you that everything is going well for you and your husband...that's a relief for you as well.

    I feel the same way about my house and it's been in disaray for two months, hopefully not much longer:)

  2. OH yes, I feel the same way! Messy home = messy life!

    So glad hubby is doing well with the dialysis. I hope in time, it is just that - routine!

    hugs, Linda

  3. I am so glad your hubby is doing well with dialysis. I have thought about you often. I hope he continues to do well.


  4. Donna, Linda and Rondell, thanks so much for thinking about us. I really really appreciate it. It is nice to know that there are gals like you out there who take the time to care about others. That's what makes us all better. Thanks so MUCH. *Sherie*

  5. So glad that you and hubby are getting the dialysis figured out together. I know when my hubby was sick we just kept telling each other, one day at a time. Don't worry about yesterday, don't worry about tomorrow, just enjoy the day right now and that's all that matters.

  6. Deb, thanks for the kind words. I have to work on the not worrying about tomorrow thing but I'm working on it. Have a Great Monday. *Sherie*