Sunday, June 7, 2009


I thought I would show you some more pictures of a few things in my home. Here goes----
This is the view as you enter our living room. All the main rooms are in one....the foyer, living room, dining area and kitchen. As you can see there is a table and some chairs. New dining'll see the old/new area below. All the windows and doors lead to the backyard and a surprise which you will see below.....

This is the dry sink in the foyer with the sheep and the other is a bigger picture of the foyer. Here is one of my favorite cupboards with tons and tons of books and magazines I can't seem to part with.

Check out this great drawer I got at Pilot Mountain Peddlers the other day. I just had to have it. I can see a lot of potential with this.
This was our dining room...but I have turned it into my blogging space. I love the cozy little area and love to sit and drink my coffee and Check out my GW find in this great child's or doll's chair. It is old and it was just 10.00. I will need to recover the seat but it will be great with a prim doll..
As you can probably tell by now I have a thing about boxes. I can't seem to get enough of them. I just love these hydrangeas on the jug. Had to get a shot of this.

And finally here is our view out our back door. This is Pilot Mountain. We bought our land and built our house so all views in the back of the house face Pilot Mountain. When I wake up in the morning and look outside this is our view. Check out the star in the garden. It's over on the right side. Kinda hard to see. It is a black wrought iron star staked in the ground and it has a hanger on it to hold a plant. It is about four feet across and I just love it. I just need to find a great colorful plant to put in it.
Well, that's a little bit of where we spend our time. I hope you enjoy. Talk to you soon....Sherie


  1. Such prim pretty decorating & wow, what a view. Love it.

  2. Wish you lived closer too! Thank you for sharing pictures of your home, it is just darling. More please! Have a great week, Dawn

  3. I'm so jealous. I love your view! You have a very lovely home.


  4. Oh my...that view of Pilot Mountain brought back some wonderful memories! Been by there many a time! You are so fortunate to have that in your back yard! What a wonderful view!!!

    And love your's so warm and inviting! ~~Annie

  5. Your home is so cozy and prim....and those NC Mountains make the perfect backdrop!

  6. What a great gift to see that everyday!

    Love your sweet decorating too:)

  7. Oh that view-- you are so blessed to see that every day. Thanks so much for the tour - you have some wonderful old pieces - especially the dry sink!!

    hugs, Linda

  8. Thank you all ladies for such nice comments and stopping by to visit. I really appreciate it. Have a great day....Sherie

  9. Sheri, Your home is warm, cozy, inviting and OH THAT! I love reading your blog...keep posting pictures.
    p.s. You can come and sit on my porch anytime..! (thanks for the comments on my blog)

  10. Beautiful house decor. I'm so jealous. I love your view!

  11. Love your dry sink and your boxes, and that awesome lucky you are to look out and see that view, what a blessing!
    Thanks for sharing, I loved it all!!!

  12. Hi Sherie! I love your view! My in-laws have a view of Pilot and they keep their back door open all the time, lol!!!

    I like your dry sink and enjoyed all of your pictures.

    I am REALLY missing being able to stop in Peddlers and pick up Mercantile Gatherings. I remembered a post of your's that you found one at Antique Marketplace and I went yesterday and didn't see any. Was it in the booth where there are 2 prim booths side by side? I think it was someone in Winston? I wonder if she carries that magazine and just ran out? I'd love to be able to get one without having to order it and pay shipping!

    Laura :)

  13. Thank you all ladies for your kind comments. That is the most comments I have received on any blog. I am so thrilled...It doesn't take much now does it.

    Laura, sorry about the Mercantile Gatherings thing. The gals that sold it at the Antique Marketplace have since left there. One of them, Shari at (I think that is it) was in that booth but not sure if she was the one who sold the Mercantile. You might get in touch with her. She has a booth over in Walnut Cove at Just Plain Country. Sorry for the wild goose chase. I hope you get lucky and find one. I like getting them too. I know Jen at Just Country in Raeford carries them too. Just a few places I thought might help you. Thanks for stopping by. *Sherie*

  14. Hello there Sherie, It was a pleasure to meet you at my shop. Thanks for all the "tips".
    I hope to see you again someday. Karen