Sunday, August 30, 2009

**Here We Go**

As I promised in my last post I would show you some of the places that Cathy and I primmed and antiqued at. I can't remember in what order we started at but I will try to remember the town and what I got there. ****Here we are in Sturbridge at the Yankee Peddlar **** There's Cathy right out front before we went in. I didn't get anything here but I was impressed with the selection of lampshades that they had. Didn't get one but might go back when we go up there at Thanksgiving..

Next we went on to The Handmaiden just up the road. There is so much to look at in here. I think I got some handmade sunflowers, the newest version of Mercantile Gatherings, a sunflower pin, some greenery wreaths and a few other things. Always like to stop in there.

Here is one of the many antique shops we went to. I didn't get anything here this time. Boy, Brimfield was really quiet around this time. They were still tearing down tents after their last show when we were there. If you have never been to Brimfield during of their shows, it is well worth it. Better get plenty of rest, wear some comfy shoes, bring plenty of money and friend is great too. It is quite an experience.

Oh, while we were in Sturbridge, we went to the Sturbridge Antique Mall. I can always find something here.....let's see...a couple of boxes, (imagine that) and some small crocks and the rest I can't remember right now. (There's Cathy again, peeking out from behind the pillars).

One of other stops, don't know which town, we went to The Purple Onion , cute shop, but nothing this time. We also stopped at another little shop, darn, can't remember the whole name right now but it had Post in it. (Are ya getting the picture here that the memory is starting to go...LOL...) At this little shop I got quite a few things.....A brown jug, a bucket painted black, a basket, a box (go figure) and a few other things.

This is a little shop in Ware, Massachusetts, that we had stopped at by chance last year and I got quite a few things then but this year not too much. It has quite a few rooms to go through. Cathy did pick up a gameboard for her collection though.

And of course we had to go to Country Mischief, buildings one and two. It always amazes me how much they have in both places. Two floors in each building and rooms galore and it changes all the time. Cathy had said that she can go in there monthly and it is all changed around. AMAZING. The only thing I got was a little tiny white firkin. Now I have two....? is that a collection starting yet??

Here is one of my favorite antique malls. I can always find something here. I did get an old soap box with a lid (had to keep that one). I also got a bowl shelf /holder in a good red. I have taken that one to my booth in Pilot Mountain and it has sold already. I think I got one or two more things here also. Great finds all the time.

One more picture of a great prim place. It is so cute inside and out. I believe I got some fall flowers here. They had just started to put out some fall things. Great stop.

We also traveled to New Hampshire, went to an antigue mall up there, went up on Route 101 and stopped at several there. We also went out to a shop up there (not sure where, I wasn't driving) called Country Culture...I think. I called there to ask how late they were open and the owner said he would stay open til we got there...just a few minutes....and what a nice shop, lot's of different things. I purchased some flowers and the box in the header above. Good stuff.
We did go out at least three or four days in our travels, stopping at The Primitive Peddler in Athol, Mass, and Homestead Primitives in Fitchburg, Mass to see Charlene and Roger...(Linda ...Behind My Red Door..she spoke highly of you as always). We also went to several other shops in the Winchendon area and new places I have never been to. That was our mission this time to get to all the favorites and to see some new places. I think we did alright for ourselves.
Well, this seems to be a long post for now and I am going to end now and will post soon. I would like to join the "Texture" fun and I did take a few pictures of things but they came out all blurry. I checked to see if my camera had a "macro" feature on it but could not find it. I even switched to other settings and they still came out blurry. It is a digital camera but not a very new one (1 inch or 1.5 inch screen). Oh well, I will keep trying. So long for now.....Sherie


  1. Love the box in your header, what a wonderful time you had... so many prim stores to look at:)

  2. Wonderful ~ wish I could have joined you.

  3. OMGosh - what a wonderful trip.
    We've been to Sturbridge a couple of times and would love to go back...I'm going to have to make note of these great shops.


  4. Oh it was so much fun reading about my favorite shops that you made it too -so many! The only ones I didn't know were the one in Ware ( I need to find out about that one!) and Jeffrey's antique co-op. The Purple Onion is in one of the Brookfields. Cute little shop - I used to get some of my Bennington there.

    Charlene just called me the other day and she is bartering my help on a new blog she wants to start with her goodies! How could I say no! WOO HOO!

    Country Culture is in Brookline, NH. You really did get all over! I am so glad you got so many shops in!!

  5. Linda, Charlene and I talked about a blog while I was there. I can't wait for her and you to start one for her. I'll be waiting....Yup we had a grand old time and can't wait to get back and see some more....Thanks for stopping by. Sherie

  6. Hi Sherie! It was POURING here so my camera stayed safely in the car this time. I didn't get much anyway - some beeswax tapers and a piece of black wool. Jill on the other hand got some sweet fall decor and some goodies for her home!! I had fun watching HER spend! LOL

  7. LOL - nope you didn't miss it. Charleen didn't want comments because she was afraid people would expect answers and she would have no idea what to do. She is TOTALLY, computer illiterate. I am going to have to walk her through her next few posts - she is afraid of blogger! LOL

  8. looks like you had a wonderful time :)