Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, Well, Well

It certainly has been way too long since I have been able to get back to blogland. I have been able to read many blogs lately in short spurts but have not been able to post the way I should. Since I have last posted we did go to Massachusetts to the wedding and had a grand time. It was one of the most fun and innovative weddings I have gone to in a long time. The priest at my cousin Susan's wedding did something a little different. When they said their vows the priest turned Susan and Paul around and faced the friends and family who gathered. We were able to see them and hear them. I thought that was really unique. The reception was a blast and very elegant with a sit down dinner for over 140 and a band with a great D.J. Here is a pic of the reception. The DJ had my brother Kevin, (pink shirt) get a few guys together to do the Village People and they all came out and did YMCA and at the end this guy came in introduced as Elvis. It took us all a while to figure out who it was and was my Uncle John, Susan's Dad and it was hilarious. We all had a grand time. Thanks Susan and Paul for inviting us to a grand event and congratulations on your wedding. Here's a pic of my brother and Uncle John when not in costume...LOL
Here is the happy couple getting ready to cut their cake. They do certainly make a really nice couple, don't they?

Well, after this fanastic wedding on Friday evening, we had a GREAT cookout at my cousin Cathy (Susan's sister) and Gene's home and enjoyed some awesome food. There must have been over 75 people there. It was very very nice. On Sunday afternoon DH and I went over to his daughter's home, Louann and had a fabulous Maine Lobster dinner, melted butter and all. Just one of the things we look forward to when to go to New England, good family and good food. Great time, that's what it is all about.

Well, after this great weekend Cathy and I hit the trail on Tuesday to go to prim shops, antique shops and just poking around. Our goal was to find new places to visit and we did. I am going to end here as I am having trouble trying to move pictures in this blog. I have some other pics to show you , some of the places that we went to. I will try to get back to you much much sooner. Until the next time. Sherie


  1. Sherie, looks like y'all had a blast at the wedding! So glad that you're back in Blogland. I've been wondering about you and how your booth is doing.


  2. Sherie,
    Where abouts were you in MA? I live just above the cape abot 40 mi south of Boston. It looks like a great wedding.

  3. Shari, thanks for stopping by and asking about the booth. I haven't been up there in a week or so and I'm not sure how it is going. I will be going up there this week to put more "stuff" in and check things out. The next car show will be soon and with those crowds I need to pack it in there. Wish my luck. Soon, Sherie

  4. Donna, thanks for stopping by. We always go back to Athol and Orange, Mass. where we come from. On our junking trip we went to Ware, Sturbridge, Winchendon, Fitchburg, NH and several other places. Quite a few places. I will show some pictures on my next post of where we sent. Were we anywhere near to you? Hope to talk to you soon.....Sherie

  5. You did have a wonderful time didn't you....the wedding 'dance' looked like it was a great time! lol

    Oh, Maine Lobster...we have been talking aboout that for weeks now...guess we have to be taking another road trip one of these days. Been to Maine 3 times and enjoyed it every time.